How do I update collabora server on NC AIO?

Hi, opening documents in NC gives me banner saying “your Collabora server needs updating”.

How do I do this? I use Nextcloud AIO (updated to 6.4.0)

AIO says all containers are up-to-date

all NC apps are up-to-date as well according to the “Apps” control panel in NC

I did try running the docker update manually with “docker pull collabora/code”, ran without errors but the issue persists

Any tips? Thanks.

That’s a message from the Collabora base image that gets generated when a new upstream image is made available, but not a sign that there’s anything wrong with your AIO installation staying up-to-date. I imagine you’re using CODE v23. (I believe that’s what’s in NC AIO v6.4.0 latest at the moment).

A bump to CODE v23. has been merged into AIO so I imagine it’ll pushed out in the not too distance future (within the next couple weeks). You might be able to try it out by switching to the AIO beta channel, but that has obvious caveats.

Doing a docker pull on the upstream image won’t do any good - AIO builds its own collabora/code image based on the upstream.