How do I tell which files are encrypted?

Like many people, and as detailed here:

I now have the annoying warning message (which obscures icons in the web interface) that my encryption key is invalid.

My concern is that, despite never having turned on encryption and not wanting encryption, I may now have encrypted files that are inaccessible.

Can anyone suggest a way for me to determine which, if any, files are now encrypted?

And, if possible, a way to get rid of the really annoying message (or change its location) that does not involve turning on encryption?

This is on 13.0.4 on OpenSuse Leap 15.

try: grep -rc oc_encryption_module * in your data directory

Thank you! assuming that’s a valid test, it put my mind at ease: 0 files.

So…why am I getting the annoying (and occluding) error message???