How do I set the default username for the Nextcloud AIO?


I would like my username on a fresh install of the AIO to be sirnano.

How do I set the default username for the Nextcloud AIO?

I have tried using --env ADMIN_USER=sirnano --env NC_ADMIN_USER=sirnano but neither of these will make the default username during install sirnano and it stays as the default admin.

If it matters, I am using Docker + Portainer, and I am using the normal docker run command through SSH to deploy the master container.


Hi, you cannot adjust the initial username but you can after the initial installation simply create a new admin user with any name and disable or even delete the default one.

Hi, I ended up solving this issue by execing into the container and modifying a few files (namely php/containers.json) to change the ADMIN_USER env to sirnano. This worked flawlessly.

What is the initial AIO username and password? I’ve successfully installed a local only instance, on first attempt it’s asking for a username and password.

You should see the initial credentials in the AIO interface on port 8080

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Ahh, found it, silly me.

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