How do I set AIO docker image to run as server for localhost?

Good evening fine galls and gentlemen, here is my question, how do i EASILY install and set AIO docker image to run as server for localhost and other lan connected windows machines?

I have tried to fiddle with it on my own using some online guides but it starts to grind my gears a little bit. Whenever there is such question, replies instantly turn into hosting advertisements. The set up process does not seem to allow me to not enter any domain or use like localhost, and the backup setup is unnecessairly difficult, yes instructions say how to create the docker volume for it but not how to create the actual archive with configuration thing. While I do not require it at all to work and I tried to skip it by adding " --env AIO_DISABLE_BACKUP_SECTION=true ^ " to the setup script, it seems to be ignored and still requires me to somehow produce the magical archive.

CRITICAL requirement is that the server is permanently offlined as is the entire network for SECURITY reasons, not even accidental outside access to lan connected production line computers can be physically allowed. No it will not be to “difficult” to remember to type ip adresses for our workers, HOST file exist for a reason. . .

Did you try consulting the project documentation on Github? You can also search for past topics on this within the forum. :heart: