How do I script dashboard defaults? occ seems unaware

I would like to pre-configure dashboard defaults (I’ll be happy with setting a neutral background and enabling the widgets I would like to have) but couldn’t find out yet how this can be done. occ only tells me dashboard is enabled but seems unaware of the dashboard details. Is there a way with occ? Or how else can I script that?


Yeah, I’d like to know , too.

Have you had any luck?

Dashboard config seems to be a per user thing, I see an entry in oc_preferences be made when I activate deck wdiget in dashboard. So my current conclusion is that most likely I can’t configure a default value in advance that will apply to all users. Clearly I would like to see this option to be available in the future.

So as the probably simplest of workarounds I consider implementing a cron job that rectifies the situation for all users by making a database update.