How do I prevent users from seeing contacts?

Hello. There is a version of Next Cloud 23.0.0. Please tell me how to prohibit all users from viewing and searching for contacts in the cloud? So that they don’t see profiles, email and other information.


there have been many discussions around this topic, for example see Limit the contacts that appear to a user when sharing to contact only within their "Groups"? - #7 by Col . One of the responses even tells you how to disable this sharing.

Thank you very much for the hint. It turns out that this functionality is available in the latest versions.

Answer for Russian-speaking users:

Как скрыть любые контакты между пользователями: Заходим в Настройки > Параметры публикации > Снимаем все галки, в которых есть упоминания про группы пользователей.