How do I mount using S<B (to a Mac)

I’m using Webdav mounted on my Mac but its too slow, is smb better, and is there any (low tech) instructions somewhere I can’t seem to find them

Nextcloud doesn’t provide a SMB endpoint. You need to install a separate Samba package on your server. If you ask aunt G. you will find many answers how to install and configure it for your server/OS.

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Thank you - I will make contact.

Can you loop them in as can’t find them?

Without any information about your server, the used environment, software and OS version, etc., etc., I won’t be able to enter the the magic words for you.

Have you tried to use e.g. “ubuntu 20 install samba” as search phrase if you’re using e.g. Ubuntu 20?! It’s an easy task and should return many matches :wink:

OK I’m using:
QNAP TS453 - 6TB disks 2 cores, 12mB dedicated to nexcloud installed under VM machine
On the latest version of Nexcloud

I’m using 2 Macbooks, (Airs), and want to mount (ideally) or have a way to save directly onto the Nextcloud installation, which then backups nightly to cloud storage. We are using BigSlur Os v 11.3

I’m also open to alternative workflows to make saving easier. But the key things is we both have individual files we need access to and then some shared work. I also need to share a folder to my accountant externally.

To note, my tech ability (as in using linux) is very limited unless I have very exact precise instructions. So far I’ve seen instructions for installing etc and there is a lot of assumptions you know elements. Just to factor that in.

Really appreciate your input and advice