How do I mount a NextCloud server drive using SFTP, as a virtual drive on Windows?


I can use it to access files but if I don’t have internet I’d lose access to those files, and some of the files I have in my work folder are important things like my .bashrc config etc. I put all my config files and then use symlinks on the machines to point to those files so that my computer’s configs are always in sync. Also so they can be easily backed up.

Also because accessing via WebDav mount would be slow.

Unless you mean actually syncing those files locally to my folder with webdav. Which I could do I guess? But I don’t know why not just use the NextCloud sync client since it would work similarly from what I understand.


Hah, you say that but I failed my German class in college so hard that my teacher recommended I get checked out for a language learning disability. (which it actually turned out I had! I basically scraped through the lower level courses through being a decent writer, but I am absolutely terrible at spoken language and have trouble telling the difference between many phonemes)

But thank you for all the help. I am pursuing solution 1 and seeing if I can get it to deal with the permissions and file locking issues I’m having.