How do I modify i10n phrases?


Is there any way to modify I10n phrases via an App or Setting? If not, how could I rebuild NextCloud with modified I10n phrases and re-package the Docker image?

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The best way would be to join the translation team on transifex. There you can join the team and translate strings for different apps. That way, the improved translation goes into official code and you don’t have to go through everything manually (you have to redo this after every update, for larger updates the strings can change a bit, so it’s not enough to just copy your modified version all the time).
In theory, it should be enough to modify the files by hand on your system. Not sure about docker, if you can easily modify code.

Here is a wiki about the translation stuff: Translation knowledge (valid for the entire Nextcloud project) - Wiki

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Why do you want to change phrases?
Do you want to change many phrases?

Please join us at Transifex.

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Thank you for your reply. Our team is hoping to implement phrase substitution for re-branding/white-labelling purposes. If we create an en_US.json file will this get applied in the application somehow? Are you aware of any documentation around this topic?

I don’t know if transifex is what our teams needs for this task. We just need to be able to swap out a default phrase in a given locale for our wording. This would typically be done by overriding a default i10n phrase or implementing our own en_US.json file.



currently there is no translation for “American english” (en_US).
This language must first be created on Transifex and then all strings must be translated.
As long as this is not the case, this language will not appear in the user’s language selection.
This only happens when 50% of all strings have been translated.

Each app (the server is also an app) has all language files. Example: server/lib/l10n at master · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Documentation for developers:

Overriding can be done and will work. But keep it mind:

As written above this would be a complete new language at Transifex.