How do I migrate my data over from snap?

I want to migrate my Nextcloud snap to a manual install. To do this safely, I attempt to use the user migration plugin to move all users’ files into the new installation.

The only thing that is not being saved this way in my opinion is the information which files have been previously shared with whom. My idea is now to migrate the file sharing app with all data to the new installation - I am assuming this should contain all the data, so this is the missing piece.

Does that make sense? And if so, where can I find this folder?

Have you seen this?

Yes, however, my new installation has a PostGres database, not MySQL, so I wasn’t sure how to apply this.

I am generally happy to do what I have suggested, my only concern is how I can transfer the information which file is being shared with whom. I am not sure if this is being included in the user migration plugin feature set.

I think this is not possible and normally for user data migration not useful. On user data migration normally the user migrates to another Nextcloud and there are different urls, users and different shares. I think all shares are lost.

On normal migration (e.g. snap to manual) you must backup all data and the database und restore all data and the database. Maybe you must/can also migrate from PostgreSQL to MariaDB.

Ideally, I would like to understand if the share information is being stored somewhere, so that I could restore this later.

As an alternative, what if the data is being migrated through the Desktop sync client? So, all users download their files onto their computer, then the server address is being changed and then the files will be uploaded again to the new server?

The share information is stored in the database.

As the share information is stored apart from the files in the database, the share information will be lost.

Maybe you can use for sharing ShareRenamer. Then you can re-use the share name. But the server name changes from the old server to the new server if you do not re-use the old server name.

I intend to use the same server name.

However, using ShareRenamer would mean that I would need to go through every shares manually and change them - then I can at the same time do that in the new installation and simply re-share it with the relevant users using the Impersonate app. It would be a few hours of manual work and probably not error-free, but at least something. Since there is a “shares” menu, the information is at least publicly available.

Yes. You can rename all shares to names and use them again.

The other possibility is to use backup and restore for data and database. Then you can restore also all links. But maybe that is not so easy with changing from snap to manual installation and changing database type. But i think it is possible.

I wouldn’t be able to change the database type, to be honest, I don’t know how.

But I will be trying the Nextcloud Backup App. Previously, I wasn’t able to create a backup at least when the backup was scheduled (the backup never finished after hours). But I might try this again.

No, I can’t, it turns out the backup app doesn’t support database changes.

Maybe you can migrate all from snap/PostgreSQL to manual/PostgreSQL and after that migrate the final system to MariaDB. Also you can use an intermediate system.