How do i log into nextcloud app on ios

now I bought the application from the iTunes app store and I went to login I used the correct domain name from my server and username and password and it is saying unable to connect to the server at this time… please try again later.

NOTE: I’m running freenas off of my laptop that I converted to a server… could anyone help me out? thanks!


  • Does the domain name you use resolve to the sever externally/internally over 4G/WiFi?
  • Are you using HTTP or HTTPS and is this reflected in the address you’re putting into the iOS client?
  • From the iOS device can you log into your web interface without issue?


I’m using wifi and it resolves I’m connected properly cause my buddies android connected to it no problem I’m trying to connect it for iOS on iPhone I’m using http I don’t know the certification for https and yes I’m able to log into it over iOS web interface just not the app

Please send Version Nextcloud Server and features (external disk, upgrade or new install etc.).

@Jake_1999 send email, if possible, to with a credential test on your server for see where is the problem, thanks.

Already I’ll give it a shot and I’ll let you know! Thank you very much for the help so far I’ve very much appreciate it :slight_smile: