How do I install this?


I have just installed nextcloud. I am trying to install the markdown editor.

I see no way to install this, or most other apps.

I see where I can install a few app bundles, but that is not what I want.


Search for them when you are in apps section.
Here is a link to markdown editor:
Just download it and put it to apps/


I searched for it, nothing came up.

I click on setting wheel in upper right-hand corner. I get a dropdown menu and select Apps.

I get of list of apps that are enabled, but no option to add anything else.

Along the left side I have a menu with these selections: Update, Enable Apps, Disable Apps, App Bundles.

None of those are helpful. Nothing to help me install Markdown Editor.

I go to search, enter “markdown” and get a message saying: " No apps found for markdown editor."

I am completely at a loss.


Under your “App Bundles” should be more like office & text. Under this section you might find it. What version do you use?


Okay, I found it. Thanks.