How do I install ldap on CentOS 7 to enable ldap app on Nextcloud 18?

Hello Forum,

I’m following these instructions here to install Nextcloud 18 on CentOS 7:

These instructions do not include the necessary steps to install what I need to have ldap app installed on Nextcloud 18? I’ve looked in the Nextcloud Wiki and I see reference to ldap…but I’m not seeing what I need to install as in:

#yum install …

To be clear. I have a domain on another server. But I want to connect my Nextcloud 18 to that domain. What do I need to install on my CentOS 7 to enable the ldap app on Nextcloud 18?

Any advice you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Does no one connect their local Nextcloud installed on CentOS to a domain?

If not CentOS then should I install Nextcloud on another OS (Ubuntu) to make this work?

For anyone who finds this thread useful the following seemed to solve my problem.

I then used the following command to install php ldab on my CentOS which allowed me to install ldap APP on my Nextcloud:

I first did a search of rpm to see which version of PHP I was using:

rpm -qa php7

This showed me that I had php72 installed.

yum install php72w-ldap.x86_64