How do I install Grafana without docker? Is there a guide?

If Grafana and Prometheus already exist (NO DOCKER!), is there any way to add the metrics? Is there a guide?

Please no “With Docker it’s easy…” I’ve been trying Docker for a while and have decided to stay away from it as much as possible and rather deal with multiple Pi’s and installations that are traceable!

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Of course there is. Try searching for how to setup grafana. It is a completely independent project. Check their documentation or use searches with keywords.

Then use instructions in the linked thread to connect Nextcloud to your Grafana server.

Your question has nothing to do with nextcloud so I’m locking this thread. Please use grafana documentation and whatever forum or chat they have for further assistance. They are one of the largest open source projects so I’m sure you can figure out how to set it up… Good luck!