How do I hide Notifications menu with CSS?

I need to customize the appearance of my Nextcloud installation.
I use the add-on “Custom CSS”, to hide the top toolbar menu ‘Contacts’, with the code “#contactsmenu { display: none; }”

I want to do the same thing to also hide the “Notifications” menu, the small bell in the upper right toolbar. My problem is that I cannot seem to figure out what the Notifications function is called, in CSS code.

#contactsmenu { display: none; }” works fine to hide the Contacts menu, but “#notificationsmenu { display: none; }” does not hide the Notifications menú. I don’t know what to put in the code, to hide the notifications menu.

Does anyone know what this is called?


The notifications menu has the class “.notifications” so the following will work

.notifications { 
    display: none;