How do I give other users access to all files?

Hi all,

I’m new to Nextcloud and after setting it up I have a problem sharing files with my colleague. I registered her as a second admin, she has no problem to log in – but then she does not see and can’t access the files I uploaded previously. Why is that? What do I need to change in the settings?

Thanks for your help.
Best. Marc

click grafik to share.

if you want to share a lot of files with other there is a app “groupfolder” you may want to look at.

grafik -> grafik -> grafik

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Thanks, I’ll look into that. I thought that it’s a default setting that what I put on the Nextcloud is automatically available to other admins. But that is not true?


because yours is yours. by default.

so if you wanna share something you need to really share it first.
you could share a common folder with her just using the share-feature which is built-in to nc (i think you can’t share root-directory, though) which would enable her to see all contend of that directory (and edit/delete it, at your wish)

or youre gonna install app groupfolders (like @Reiner_Nippes said) and upload things there. if your colleague is part of the same group (connected with that groupfolder) she would be able to access the new files immediately, as well.

she wouldn’t need to be an admin. neither way.

happy hacking

Ok, I get it. Thanks.