How do i get my data back!?


Help please,

Ive somehow messed my machine up right royally

Rasberry PI 5 running diet pi with 1 tb SSD drive duckdns - everything was fine then i installed another version of apache to run another website from. Couldnt get that working so did apt uninstall on apache and i think that got rid of everything including the diet pi version.

unable to get the front end GUI just the text PHP in web browser if i use local IP address - using Duck dns address gives a can not connect page.

Need to try and get the data back? is it possible? drive is external 1tb ssd so can remove and plug back in to a windows machine/mac or another PI - just want the data back if i can as wife is going to kill me.

I know ive been really stupid, sorry just hoping someone can help?

What i see at /nextcloud/index.php and /nextcloud/apps/

Phew ive manged to SFTP into it and download that way

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