How do I get line-break in Talk Android app ver(17.10.0)

I have a line-break problem in Japanese in Talk Android app ver(17.10.0).
I think that Markdown notation has been supported in the recent update of the Android app(17.10.0).

I think it’s great that Talk also has a Makdown function.
There is no line-break problem in English Typing.

But we are Using Nextcloud in Japan.
so, it’s very difficult to add line-break in Japanese.

If possible, could you please tell me how to insert a line break in Japanese?

I am currently on

Talk app ver: 17.10.0
Nextcloud ver: 25.0.12
Android ver: 13

Thank you,

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Could be the same cause as New lines removed from message · Issue #3335 · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub