How do I find out whether a feature is wanted?

Hey :wave:

I am pretty new to the open source workflow, so please excuse my dumb question:

I’d love to implement the GELF logging as a syslog alternative in order to make data analysis easier.

Back in 2019, someone already tried it, but stopped due to inactivity. In the end, it was recommended to implement it as an app.

My question is: How do I know whether my feature is interesting enough to be approved in the app store? The documentation just mentions the technical side, does this mean that any remotely useful app gets accepted as long as it is well written?

I’d really like to implement it properly but if I know I’ll be it’s only user I’d probably hack it in a fast and dirty way instead of going the extra mile.

See you in the App Store soon :smile:

Gooood question. One ballpark figure is to look at how often people requested a feature, just like you did with the linked github issue.

But in general it’s really hard to tell. You might also create a feature people didn’t even know they wanted :wink: