How do I delete all shares at once?

Very generic question but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere!
How can I delete all my shares I created over the time? I used to create link shares without expiry time so I have about a hundret lying around now that I want to remove. Is there a button for this somewhere?

I am using the latest production build of Nextcloud.

Hi @anphex

As far as I know there is no button for that. But you can see all the files and folders you have shared by clicking on “Shares” in the left sidebar and then on “Shared with others” or “Shared by link”. Unfortunately you then have to manually unshare one after the other.

Thank you for your response.
This is very unfortunate, there are hundreds of shares and it’s not like you can just click a X next to the file name in the list, you have to open the sideboard, navigate to share. This includes about 6 clicks per share. :frowning:

There is an app Share Listing (video). Only till Nextcloud 22, but perhaps it works with Nextcloud 23. Maybe it is also possible to use this output for input to delete shares from command line.