How do I create a custom sort order of pages?

I’ve noticed there’s an option to sort the pages within a collective by a custom order. However, I have a hard time figuring out how to effectively change this order. I am able to drag pages around in the page list but when I do, most of the time they end up as sub-pages of other pages. Is there a specific method or trick to changing the custom order without this issue occurring?


Dear @orangecloud,

you’re right, the idea is to order pages with drag and drop. While dragging a page over the page list, you should see different visual highlighting:

  • A highlighted line between two pages: dropping here will move the dragged page in between
  • Another page being highlighted: dropping here will move the dragged page into the highlighted page, turning it into a subpage.

Another option is to use the “Move or copy page” option in the three-dot menu of the respecitve page. Besides moving the page into another place of the hierarchy, this also allows to change the order place of this page.