How do I chunk downloads? Interrupted sync downloads do not resume but restart at 0kb

I have a very bad internet connection that is intermittent, and nothing I can do about it due to location. When nextcloud downloads a large file from the server to my windows through syncing via the desktop app, if the download is interrupted, it restarts the temp .~ file instead of resuming where it left off. How can I setup/specify chunk download size or how can I configure nextcloud to resume instead?

Log Files

Nothing in nextcloud desktop log, and nothing on nextcloud server log.

Windows Desktop Sync Client Error:

Connection Closed

Expected behaviour

Nextcloud desktop sync must continue interrupted temp .~ download files, not restart.

Actual behaviour

The .~ temp file is re-downloaded starting from 0kb

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download a large file, interrupt the internet connection and see if the file resumes or restarts from the beginning.

Operating system: Windows

Nextcloud Server Version: 20.0.7
Nextcloud Desktop Version: 3.1.3