How do I change NextCloud drive?

Hello people. I am trying to install NextCloud on my machine using Ubuntu LTS for the first time. I don’t know how do I change NextCloud upload folder. I have 2 disks mounted on my machine : Mount Point / (SSD) and Mount Point /Home (1TB HDD). By default NextCloud is usind my SSD on Mount Point / but I want to use my HDD Mount Point /Home obviously. How can I do that? I am so sorry (this might sound like a joke but it’s not since I use Ubuntu not for long). I saw on the internet that I must do that BEFORE accesing the web NextCloud interface. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks !

It’s for the server, not the desktop client on your Ubuntu desktop?

In case of the server, you can normally set the location of the data folder during installation. And if you want to do it afterwards, there is a howto: HowTo: Change / Move data directory after installation

In addittion to @tflidd 's comment, one method that I came across in my own experiment was this was to do:
1.) Delete the config.php file located at /var/www/nextcloud/config
2.) run "touch /var/www/nextcloud/CAN_INSTALL
3.)Run mysql
4.) Run DROP DATABSE nextcloud;
5.) Run CREAT DATABASE nextcloud;
6.) Run grant all privileges on nextcloud.* to youruser@localhost identified by ‘yourpassword’;
7.) Run exit;
8.) reload your web GUI

This launches the initial setup again, and flushes existing mysql data.

I wouldnt recommend this if you’ve already been using the existing storage. Only really viable on a new installation, as it seems like you are doing.