How do I cancel a backup job in Nextcloudpi (NCP)?

I am running Nextcloudpi 1.51.0, and there’s a backup job that runs every time I spin up the server. The problem is, it’s backing up to the same drive where I have my files, and it’s rapidly filling the entire drive. How can I cancel this job permanently? The server is useless while this continues.

A while back I tried setting up a backup to a NAS on my network of the same capacity as my NCP server. It failed due to an error I don’t recall (I’m a Linux noob). I tried to remove this backup job until I could figure out the error, and I did so by clearing all the fields in the NCP backup configuration page and hitting Apply. Instead of clearing it, it seems that it set up a new job that backs up to the data drive.

Part of the problem is that there’s no “On/Off” switch in the NCP GUI, or a list of backup jobs - only an interface to enter the backup parameters (I thought that clearing the fields and applying would remove the job):

NCP backup

By the way, the text in the Destination Directory field seems to be only a grayed-out example of how the destination should be formatted in the field, not an actual entry.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.