How do I add/remove items for new users signing / the stock experience?

We use NextCloud as a private company portal, posting information for selected individuals to see.

We do not need any .jpg, Document folder, Photos folder, Nextcloud related material.

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Well … it’s ok that you don’t need the mentioned files and folders. so why don’t you just delete them?

Seems easy/obvious, but when we send out invites to new users, and they see all the default files, there is almost always back-forth conversation about what can and cannot be deleted.
It would be far better and more efficient to not have them there at all.

well it wasn’t really clear what you wanted us to tell you… :slight_smile:

now how about this thought… try and find the so called skeleton-folder in your installing-folder and empty it or replace it’s contents with the ones your think you’d prefer.

since if you’re adding a new user the process copies everything from skeleton-folder to new home-directory of any new user.

i’m not sure that next upgrade wouldn’t fill skeleton-directory again… if yes, you’d know what to do.

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Updated to Rev 19.09 of the software and tried to implement the suggested technique to get new skeleton files.
First try crashed the login so I backed it out.