How d you guys listen to music from nextcloud on the iphone?

I thought I could use nextcloud audio player on the iphone! but I have discovered when the phone screen times out the audio player also stops playing. Does anyone uses Nextcloud to listen to music from phone ? I don’t think nextcloud has an for listening to music on the phone.


come to mind. Cannot remember any others. Anything subsonic compatible will work with the Music app.

you need native apps to play music on the lock-screen.
für power saving reasons, no javascript (and all web players are using javascript) is being executed when locked

I have installed Music Player App beside just Audio Player, the music player doesn’t recognizes m4a or mp3 format ! gives error folder is empty. what format does it support?

The Music app should scan anything with MIME type audio/* and play anything your browser can play. That usually includes at least mp3, m4a, m4b, ogg, opus, wav, flac. If you think it doesn’t work as intended, then please file an error report with some more details to Issues · owncloud/music · GitHub. You can also discuss about the Music app at but response times there may be much longer than at github.


is this error regarding Music of Audio Player?

For AP you can double check User->Settings->Audio Player
This will show you a list of formats your current browser is able to play
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If your setup in Nextcloud is correct?
first test is to open the files app and check if the audio files have the “note” icon. this is the prerequisite, that NC recognizes media file types