How Create Map drive for 1000 user using windows active Directory Group policy?

We are have sucessfully integrate Windows active directory LDAP auth in Nextcloud. even we are able to mount webdav on linux system where user them self put username / Password so they will get their own Drive mount on desier folder.

We need to map windows drive for each user in their windows login. We have try net use command but it works with single user where we need to give spacific user name and password. If any one able to deploy such map drive using group policy kindly help me to get this done.

We are waiting for positive response.

Isn’t this a task for a logon script?

I think you could do this mostly with a script, but obviously each user would still need to enter their own password as you would not want to include that in the script. In vbscript, you can get the user name like this:

Set wshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
userName = wshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%Username%")

Seems to be a Solution here