How change the default fontface of Nextcloud?

I’m using Nextcloud off of a hosting service.

The typeface inside my Nextcloud is a Times-looking serif font (not sure of exactly which font it is), which is somewhat difficult for the eye to read. This is at its most troublesome when trying to read filenames in the Files view. I would very much prefer to exchange this font for a wide sans serif font which is easy to read from screens, like Verdana or similarly.

Only thing is, how can one do that? The closest I can think of is to use the addon app “Custom CSS”, but I’m not sure how to forumlate the CSS code for Nextcloud rto accept it. It doesn’t seem to accept cSS like a regular HTML page does.

Any tips on how one can change the fontface overall or even on certain text elements of Nextcloud?


Afaik Nextcloud uses the default font’s of your operating system:

It seems you’re right.

I was using Firefox, which utilizes Times New Roman as default font if no other font is dictated from the web content. I also had a browser ad/script-blocker on, which severed the request by the Nextcloud server to utilize a different font than default.

After some adjustments, now it all works as intended.
Thanks :slight_smile: