How can the release process by streamlined for the appstore and developers?

Continuing the discussion from First beta of Nextcloud 25:

How can the announcement process be streamlined for each new major version of Nextcloud?

Notifying app developers of upcoming major versions

Can there be a simple scripted method to auto-notify developers of the upcoming major version so people do not have to do this process manually on each and every app repo.

Some developers do know about next version coming out, but the vast majority do not easily follow along with upcoming major releases until users start bothering them after the fact. This process repeats itself and could use a little scripted assistance, or at least some consideration. :grin:

I’m losing interest in maintaining these lists ala Any apps compatible with Nextcloud 24?, and think they would be better served by automated notifications on Github combined with meta issues as you might find on version tracking for NextcloudPi.

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Additionally, the requirements need to be published early, probably along with notes which parts may or may no longer change for a specific version. Hereby, I especially refer to

Currently, /25/ is not available yet, and the content of /upgrade.html is identical for /24/ and /latest/.

My assumption is that by the time of releasing a beta, the basic requirements (min/max versions, major deprecations, etc.) are known. As a user, I expect from an app maintainer/developer that she/he checked these requirements prior to releasing an app that claims to be compatible with a certain version. So, an app maintainer/developer needs that information.

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