How can non-admin users list groups?

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 27.1.6
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Linux


I’m managing a NextCloud instance for a group of volunteers, but there are internal teams within the group. I want to teach people to share to teams (i.e. NextCloud Groups) rather than their individual members, but I can find no way for the non-admin users to see the list of groups – so the very existence of groups is invisible.

As an admin, I can go to /settings/users and there, beside the users on the left side, I have the groups listed. But this is only available for admins.

In searching for a solution, I’ve come across an API that seems to do what I want; but what I want is UI.

What am I missing?

(there is no error, so no error details)


groups are only visible to admins, because groups are meant to be invisible. Most of them are to create access rights etc…

If you want to share to a group, that is possible though by simply starting to enter the group name, the auto-complete mechanism will show the group then.

What you need/what you are looking for is circles in combination with the contacts app…
Circles can be created by any user and you can define the visibility on a per circle basis. Even (classical) groups can be added to a circle :wink:

Then, if you work together with Deck cards (you should definitively check that app!), it is possible to share to people that work together on a deck card.

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Thanks. What I had missed was the “make visible to everyone” checkbox on the circle options – I was under the impression that circles are private, like contact groups.

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