How can I use 2nd Factor?


I just updated my Nextcloud and now I can’t find the TOTP addon anymore in the app store:

Whats going on? I need 2nd factor and I want to use the app. So bad that there are such errors on a fresh and new installation of Nextcloud 24.0.1


Do you already have it installed? Browse to apps section of admin user on top right menu.

Then, if already installed, you can enable/disable/whatever that particular app.
Or, you can install it.

No, its not installed. And I can’t find it in the app store:


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It’ll be within the app admin section internal to you nextcloud.

What? I know where the app store is. Or what do you mean? I am on the app store site and searched for “factor” and there is nothing. Also I checked all apps manually, so not with the search. The app is not there.

I found the solution. The addon is not compatible with my PHP version.

Github issue: 2fa app in Nextcloud 24 apps settings? · Issue #1219 · nextcloud/twofactor_totp · GitHub

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