How can I undo whatever Nextcloud does when creating an instance for the domain

Hello, I have a domain name which my Asus router is creating with free ddns service. Let’s assume it’s So I had a Raspberry Pi connected to my modem with a static ip number as and I was able to connect to it (octoprint) by entering myhome. asuscom. com:1001 from outside of my network. (using the port 2000 which I set up)

But after I connected another raspberry pi and installed the nextcloud with docker, at some point it asked me to enter my domain to create a new instance. So I entered again the same address:

Now whenever I try to connect to it’s connecting to nextcloud’s admin page without any SSL issue. (I have forwarded the requested ports for sure as mentioned in the setup instrcutions)

But now, I can’t connect anymore to my other raspberry using the domain name. no longer connects. I have to use its internal ip. ( With the local internal ip it connects. So what has Nextcloud done to my domain? And how can I disable it or take it back? Or somehow make all these work via my domain?


Nextcloud cannot change anything about your domain.

You must have made some change that caused this yourself in those steps, maybe some step in the instructions does not apply do your setup, because you host multiple services:

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What instructions? It would help if you specified since there are multiple deployment methods, multiple Docker images, and various bits of both Nextcloud provided and third-party instructions. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, this is the tutorial I followed:

That’s not an ip. did you mean 192.168.1.<something>:1001:2000?

I don’t know what the setup does, but NC may have configured your Router to forward all ports to its ip.

Log into router (likely with and check the port forwarding settings.