How can I stream TS format video?


like the image above, I found that I can’t stream TS format videos (like .ts, .tp, .m2ts, etc) while other video formats (like mp4, mkv, etc) can be stream-played. Is there any ways to stream TS format videos in NC? Thank you for your help in advance!

You need to transcode them to h.264 with aac sound.

Thanks for your help. So, you mean, there is no way to stream play TS formats natively in NC, right?

If browsers can’t do it there’s no way Nextcloud can do it without realtime transcoding unfortunately. They’re not interested in implementing real time transcoding, because of the huge load that puts on servers. Better use a dedicated media player platform like Jellyfin to play DVDs.


Or switch to Synology.

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The job could be done if the desktop client does the video transcoding like Synology is doing.

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Thank yall for your help. It was very helpful, and I understand why TS streaming is not supported and what can i do as well. Again, thank you for your kind explanation! Cheers :slight_smile: