How can i stop sharing a file?

I have shared some files. Some of them via direct link and some with a group. How can i stop sharing these files?

BTW: Is there any possibility to share a file with someone that has no login details?


go to the file
click shared
click 3 points
click delete

what do you mean no login details? password?

I don’t see a way to delete the sharing. I can delete the file but that’s obviously not what i want.

You are right, could it be, that you are not the user that made the share? What do you see under Activitys, there should be the user that original shared.

Sehe gerade das es eine deutsche Seite ist. Kann es sein, dass du es nicht geteilt hast, sondern mit dir geteilt wurde, dann kann nur der, der es geteilt hat dieses wieder löschen, daher mal unter dem Reiter Aktivitäten nachsehen.

That’s strange since i’m the user who for example shared the selected folder… My user is also in the admin group so that should work out anyway.

Just to clear it, the folder in the first screen is different to the second. You have nothing in the tab share for this folder 2019…?


This is due to a bug in the app “social sharing via email”.
As soon as you disable it, you have the list of users back you shared the file with and you can unshare again.

just found this interesting post.

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Thanks a lot! After i disabled all the “Social sharing” plugins it works as it should :slight_smile:

For example, I don’t have some enabled social share “addons”, but have problem with unshare folders. Only, if I remove that folder itself.

Be thinking live to ftp. A simple and logical.