How can I start the project to sync gnome maps with Next Cloud?

I am a Computer Engineering student and I am very passionate about open source development. This year I am planning on doing Google Summer of Code with gnome maps. The idea which I am gonna work on is “Syncing gnome maps with Next Cloud”.
So the main objectives of this project will be

  1. To allow sharing of various place categories like favorites,visited,want to visit among different devices.
  1. Searching among shared locations
    I have contributed to different gnome projects before, but I have never worked on anything related with OwnCloud or NextCloud.But I am very eager to learn about it and get started on contributing to gnome-maps.
    The structure and development process of project is completely upto me, that’s why any guidance would be appreciated.

Can you please be a little bit more precise? It is always a good start to provide information about
your environment and explain what you want to do in detail and in which order, etc., etc.

Thank you for your reply, I have updated the description,

I think the General contributor guidelines will help you to get a first impression how you could contribute to the Nextcloud project. @MorrisJobke, @nickvergessen could you please jump in and provide some more insight.

@j-ed @MorrisJobke @nickvergessen
The general idea which I want to follow for maps is
1)User can log into nextcloud account in the beginning
2)Everytime a place is marked, that will be stored with this account

Now I am guessing 1) can be achieved by Client APIs->Login Flow
Then for 2)
I am guessing there will be a file associated with maps activity in user’s nextcloud account,
this file will get updated everytime a new place is marked.

Is this the correct approach?
I want that file to just store maps data, it won’t be an actual file which user can open, or does it need to?


You want to do this for android/ios/web/desktop or which clients?

Hi @nickvergessen ,
The aim is to sync gnome-maps with nextcloud which
is a desktop client.
The current discussion is going on in this thread
Need mentor for GSOC Project.
I’ll appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

Hi @Scott1,

Sounds interesting. I’m currently putting the Nextcloud Maps app back on its feet to hopefully implement favorite management, track and pictures display etc…

We could talk about how to store favorite places in NC and access them from various clients and the Maps app. I don’t think places should be stored in a file but rather in the NC database.

Anyway, let’s create an issue in NC Maps github project and start thinking about all that.

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I’m curious if @Scott1 completed his project and if he has any thoughts about these map projects he would like to share.