How can I send the password of sharing link with another mail?

I install Nextcloud 24.
In past,I don’t remember which version, sharing link password comes with a 2nd mail.
Is this feature deprecated, or I can’t found where it is?
Instead of this feature “password request” is using?

I used to send the users their username and a link by email and then their password separately.

I found this to be just an improper way to pass information so one day I decided to create a test user and send the username and link to myself to see what exactly happened.

On receiving the email I clicked the link and found that once I entered my username I was directed to an ‘enter a password’ page.
Once done I was redirected back to the normal log in page.

So - no need for second email and more secure.
Hope this answers your query.

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New method ( send link and receiver request password) is more comfortable for me. I just wondered did I miss something in configuration. Thnx for reply

Yep, sorry but I think I have misunderstood your issue. My previous reply was for a new user setup.
Are you sharing with internal or external user.

I asked for external user.
But, now, nextcloud sends two mail. One of them is for link, other one is for password.
Dont understand what changed or happened.