How can I send the password of sharing link with another mail?

I install Nextcloud 24.
In past,I don’t remember which version, sharing link password comes with a 2nd mail.
Is this feature deprecated, or I can’t found where it is?
Instead of this feature “password request” is using?

I used to send the users their username and a link by email and then their password separately.

I found this to be just an improper way to pass information so one day I decided to create a test user and send the username and link to myself to see what exactly happened.

On receiving the email I clicked the link and found that once I entered my username I was directed to an ‘enter a password’ page.
Once done I was redirected back to the normal log in page.

So - no need for second email and more secure.
Hope this answers your query.

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New method ( send link and receiver request password) is more comfortable for me. I just wondered did I miss something in configuration. Thnx for reply

Yep, sorry but I think I have misunderstood your issue. My previous reply was for a new user setup.
Are you sharing with internal or external user.

I asked for external user.
But, now, nextcloud sends two mail. One of them is for link, other one is for password.
Dont understand what changed or happened.

OK - so after trying out different steps to share a file I recall this has always been this way, password sent with different email which I would recommend to anyone sharing documents as I am sure you know it makes for better security.

In actual fact, I always recommend to my family in particular that they send information by one means and passwords by another EG: mail & text

But it seems that this is the default way on Nextcloud since at least version 18 (my first introduction to Nextcloud)


It is no security feature to send two mails instead of one mail.
For real security you must use different ways for the link and the password.

You can better use the app Guests (video).
Then the guest can set his/her own password and password never must send.
There is only an inial password but on hacking the guest notices it.
All other communications uses end to end between client and Nextcloud (HTTPS).
The password risk is only on the client and the server and not e.g. on a mail server.
With mail nobody notices the hacking and the reading the data in the Nextcloud.