How can I reset syncing on Windows client?

I’m having somewhat of a serious issue which completely breaks the Nextcloud windows client. It was working fine until I added the E2EE application. It worked fine for a few files but when I added more files to my private folder, Nextcloud started throwing errors. Now I’m unable to complete the rest of my initial upload to the cloud and I’m afraid to lose data.

See my issue here, same as everyone else.

I was hoping to see a quick fix for this since it’s a pretty serious issue but unfortunately it seems like it’s still broken.

Now is there a way to reset the syncing on my windows client so that it stops complaining that the files aren’t in the database and such errors?

I’m okay to disable the E2EE app if that resolves it but I’m not sure what to do now.

Thank you for helping.

Anyone? I can’t even use Nextcloud at all now that I’m facing this issue.