How can i remove the border around the image and around tables

Hi !

I’m new user of NextCloud, and just create my first doc :partying_face:
But when i include an image in it, there is a very ugly border around it

I’ve been looking for a way to remove this but to no avail…
Maybe I’m stupid and it’s right under my nose, but I can’t find it…

hi @Helios_Chaize welcome to the community :handshake:

I’m not sure there s a real border. maybe you only see a placeholder border which only shows a picture placement… but nevertheless you can adjust border styles following this procedure:

Yes i think it’s a placeholder, can i remove it ? Because your tips doesn’t work so, because you’re right, it’s not a real border

I’m not aware how to remove this border. May be Collabora Forum can help you better.

Are you sure the border isn’t actually in the image itself, or even part of the logo? Because the line of the border looks exactly like the line at the bottom of the logo.

I’m really sure, it’s a png with just the logo.

Sorry, not sure then…

What I have noticed though, is that when images have a transparent background, LibreOffice on the desktop shows exactly these borders, which I think are there to indicate where the actual image borders are. These borders don’t show up on prints or PDFs you generate from the document.

The strange thing is that the borders don’t show up for me in Collabora, and I haven’t found a way to turn them on, nor have I found a way to turn them off in Desktop LibereOffice. But that could just be me not finding the right setting :wink: