How can I remove all the rss feeds from the news app?


I added bunch of feeds to test the app. Now I want to delete all the RSS feeds so I can start fresh. I added couple hundred feeds from an OPML file so trying to do this one by one via the UI is not so great.


This is not possible via the Web UI nor the Android app (as this is a edge case feature which the majority of the people would never or at least extremely rarely use).

Delete them manually (recommended) or deep dive into the database (not recommended) - Maybe just removing and reinstalling the News app also wipes the app specific data…?


Will I mess up the Nextcloud database if I just remove the rss feeds tables?

Also how do I delete an app? I only see a way to disable it.

How many feeds did you add to risc finding this out? :laughing:

I would not drop it but just clear all entries, but no idea what will get messed up by doing so… :man_shrugging:

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I added hundreds of feeds from an OPML file, that is why I do not want to do this manually.

DELETE FROM oc_news_feeds;
DELETE FROM oc_news_folders;

If other users are using it with their own feeds, however, you’ll want to adjust a bit so it only deletes YOUR data, i.e.;

DELETE FROM oc_news_feeds WHERE user_id="you";
DELETE FROM oc_news_folders WHERE user_id="you";

You don’t have to clear the oc_news_items table, because its set to “ON DELETE CASCADE”, which means when you delete the feed the item is from, the item itself will automatically be deleted.