(How) can I print an overview of reactions to a poll?

Poll app looks very useful but it would be nice if we could print or export all replies to a poll. Is that possible?

I don’t know the poll app, but there should be a corresponding database table. Write a script to export the data from the database and convert it into some printable format.

We have a request for exporting.

Will be developed in the future, but there are some things to do before. So please be patient.

Good to hear. This app would be very usefull for company board, chairman to have a conversation in the company board. So it schould realy be nice and valueble to have a posibilty to have an API to get information about voting, comments, users, casecontent, calendar and so on. Out of this users can create board protocols etc. There is a great need for this in the market

There is an API. You can find the docs here: https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/blob/master/docs/API_v1.0.md

The API not completed yet and can throw some errors, because of some changes in the backend.