How can I monitor all folders/files shared with external users?


I’m having this issue trying to find a solution!
My users are sharing folders/files with external users (outside the company), and I want to somehow monitor this! I want to get notify that folder A has been shared, and also if it’s possible to get details (external ip address or anything relevant) from who was those files downloaded.
I want to monitor the external usage and traffic through the link we shared with external users!!
For security reasons.

Thank you

This app might be part of what you’re looking for: Activities for shared file downloads

If that doesn’t let you as an admin view all share activity on the instance, well, there used to be this “visible to all admins” version, which doesn’t seem to be maintained. I don’t know whether all of its functionality is in the first.

The rest is doable with some scripting.
If you want more granular details like IP addresses, your best bet is your webserver’s access log.
For a view of what shares are out there, and made by whom, I’d suggest a couple of OCC extension apps. You can get a list of shares from OCC if you install this app, and also a report of how many belong to which users from this one.

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