How can i merge 2 accounts?

I host my nextcloud for almost a year now, got tons of stuff working with it and some things accumulated. Due to some bugs i think in the calendar where a newly created account worked but an old one threw an error when i moved from i think it was 11.x to 12.x beta, i created a second account for myself, now i’m allways logging out and logging in when i’m not sure on wich of my accounts what exists.

My big question is, since i want to clean up this mess now, is there a quick and easy way to do that, can i just go into the database and copy everything over or something? are there tips and Tricks for starting such a procedure or is the long and tedious way of copy and paste the fastest one? :slight_smile: also, what happens to shared files? do they get deleted when i delete the account that shares them? can i fix link shares internally or do i have to inform everyone that the link changed if i delete the account?

Greetings, Gerrit

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This may a good starting point:

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Or if the shared files are only important you can copy them. Then the copies of them will stay on your account :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I just deleted my newer account

I used the occ to copy the files over (had to remember that the copy command is case sensitive and the login mask isn’t in terms of accountname), then i dowloaded and uploaded the Calendars.

Then I tried to connect everything with my old account, seems like i only got this error left Nextcloud 11 seems to break gnome integration (or was it this one? NC12 Authentication issue with Cardav, Caldav and Sogo connector ) hopefully i’ll find a solution in that thread ^^

for now gnome sais “Authentication failed”

omg, gnome is fluffin kidding me, there is a friggin bug, that authentication fails under gnome when my password has locale specific special characters? WTF why did noone ever find this and how come everybody using Nextcloud in gnome seems to use passwords without special characters?

Have you reported it to GNOME?

it is a known issue since last october :slight_smile:

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