How can I log which App logged in with app password?

The title should say everything: I want to look which device used an app-password on which date/time. (App-passwords have a label)

Do you hav any idea?

Yes, that’s an easy task Create individual app passwords for each app you’re using :wink:

Oh you misunderstood me, that’s already done. But I want to look into the nextcloud.log or in my webserver’s access.log to identify which device logged on by which key. Of course I can evaluate the user agent but that user agent isn’t mapped onto the label of the app password.

With the nextcloud GUI I cannot see for example the last IP of this device. Extreme example: With such a mapping I could alert in my backend, when app password “my-smartphone” logged in from bangladesh fror example. When I was just there with my laptop.

That’s an interesting use case. Unfortunately I’m not awareof such a function yet. It might be worth to create a feature request to get it implemented.