How can I leverage cheap S3 compatible storage in the easiest possible way?

I want to get up and running as easily as possible. I’m OK running a VPS, although I’d much prefer someone else to do the maintenance for me.

I already use a cheap S3 compatible storage provider for my longterm backups. What’s the easiest way to make use of this in Nextcloud?

I don’t think having this storage as the only storage is best. I think it would be best to cache 1-4 week’s worth of data to the VPS storage and then migrate it over to S3. How do I do that?

My plan is to just use Nextcloud for a few small things like a Calendar at first, migrating over from Google via Takeout.

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Just being able to navigate to this screen would be a start:

I have to say that testing things out first with Nextcloud provider is a fantastic way to get started but we need to be able to transfer it over to a self hosted solution or another provider easily.

these items are stored in the database. not in the filesystem. or?

you choose s3 storage if you need cheap stoare for TB of files. e.g. photo archive or you have ten thousands of user.

this a handsfree installation. you can also configure s3 as primary storage and/or backup target.

but it’s not a knowledge free installation.

you can use s3 as external storage. (vps storage as primary.) and there might be something like a workflow to move older files from one to the other.