How can I integrate an app into the nextcloud app, like "external sites" does

I’ve wrote an app for nextcloud, which is shown at the top in the navbar with all the other apps (files, calendar, etc), plus 2 external sites which are integrated using the “external sites” app.

Now, when installing the android nextcloud app, I’ve noticed, that the two external sites are also listed in the android nextcloud app and are neatly opened in the integrated browser.

Is there any possibility that also my app is listed in the android app, and is opened in the integrated browser?
I can’t find any information about it, and by just shortly looking through the “external sites” app, I couldn’t find out how it does it.

The short answer is you can’t.

The Android client basically implemented explicit/native support for external sites since it is considered part of the core product and (paying) customers required this to be added to the clients.

The client basically only supports anything “file” related

thanks a lot for the answer

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