How can I install fonts on built in CODE server colabora?

I cannot believe how much time I have wasted looking for a solution online and that there is not a simple solution. It should have been as simple as a place in admin config that lets you do a simple upload of any font file you want. And then it just works. Why is this not a thing? Fonts are almost the most important issue when dealing with documents. How has this not been implemented yet.

All we have is this area

with some cryptic message about some json file somewhere .

No. That is not acceptable. It needs to be a simple upload and then it just works.

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Therefor you must understand, how Nextcloud Office works. The Office Work is done on a Collabora Online sever. You can:

  • Use your own server

Nextcloud Office requires a separate server running Collabora Online to provide editing capabilities. Collabora Online requires a separate server acting as a WOPI-like Client to provide editing capabilities.

  • Use the built-in CODE - Collabora Online Development Edition

Easy to install, for home use or small groups. A bit slower than a standalone server and without the advanced scalability features.

  • Use a demo server

You can use a demo server provided by Collabora and other service providers for giving Collabora Online a try.

If you are making use of the pre built CODE Server, then you must understand what this means:

… A bit slower than a standalone server and without the advanced scalability features.

This is due to the fact that this CODE server is delivered as a squashfs AppImage. This makes it possible to use the Collabora Online Server as an individual.
However, since squashfs is an explicit read-only file system, no changes can be made to the file /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml like when you have the full Collabora Online Server.

If you want to take a look inside of the CODE Server, then download the AppImage (location: apps/richdocumentscode/collabora/Collabora_Online.AppImage) e.g. on your windows PC and open it with 7z. There you can see how the server looks inside. There you will find the file /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml with all the adjusting screws that are needed to get the bottom one out of the pot. Since - as with personal fonts - these are different for everyone, in a community solution like this you cannot simply demand that the URL be entered personally for each user.

However, you are welcome to build your own CODE server and make these changes in it. However, this requires a little more work, but still not much compared to the work that thousands upon thousands of volunteers and motivated developers have put into the project that you are so harshly criticizing.

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Regardless of what I said before - I hadn’t even tried it with the fonts myself - I have to correct myself:

It works out of the box for the builtin CODE Server. Simply upload the font and the uploaded fonts can be immediately selected in the writer without any further work. Everything done by the richdocumentscode App.

You can safely overlook the hint:

because it is only important if you have your own CODE server running.

Much luck,