How can I conntect my nextcloud website with Cloudflare?

Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slight_frown:

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You don’t appear to have written anything past the title :slight_smile:

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Yes i would like to know more about that.
@Ali1 may wrote this topic in a hurry because the word connect is badly written.

Hope he will give us an answer.

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From the docs (

Some services like Cloudflare can cause issues by minimizing JavaScript
and loading it only when needed. When having issues like a not working
login button or creating new users make sure to disable such services

ownCloud also reports some issues with uploads. Can be different on Nextcloud but due to the large shared code basis you should prepared to see similar problems as well:

Make sure to turn off the new Brotli Compression in the SPEED tab. Also turn off the Rocket Loader.

This solved my NextCloud login issue.

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That did it for me also, thanks.

Does anyone know why Brotili and Rocket option interfere with nextcloud?

Out of curiosity, what would the point be of using cloudflare, if there are issues with the minifying? caching of other resources for a slight speed bump? the front-end https option? genuinely interested. I do run other sites behind cloudflare that take advantage of the caching/minifying to speed things up, but if NC doesn’t work so well with it, wondering why else someoen might use it.

Pseudo SSL ?

if you use cloudflare, you should check Rocket Loader is off。
you can view this solution. it slove my question.