How can I change the execution time of a single background job in nextcloud?

I want to change only the time of a single background job, not the others, but I don’t know how I can do it, and I’ve been researching and I haven’t found anything.

For example I want it to do it every 2 hours.

I want to change the following job:
525 | OCA\FullTextSearch\Cron\Index

So, the interval of 12 minutes is way to short for you, am I right?

I do not use fulltextsearch myself but after reading the code, I can tell you this:

The interval of backgroundjobs invoked by fulltextsearch is defined in the file

apps/fulltextsearch//lib/Cron/Index.php at line 77:

So I would try to reach the goal by changing this line:

		$this->setInterval(12 * 60); // 12 minutes

into this:

		$this->setInterval(120 * 60); // 120 minutes

And be aware, this change is not permanent, it will be reverted after each update and may cause integrity-checks to issue a warning. You can then make that warning disappear by undoing the change back to the default, running the integrity check on the app again with
./occ integrity:check-app fulltextsearch
and after that you can change the timeout again as above.

I hope this was what you where looking for and that it helps,

much luck!