How can I "add storage" to a Windows 10 computer?

My dad bought a computer recently and the main drive is a small nvme disk. I wanted to add space using nextcloud, so I made him an account on my server with a 500gb limit and installed the desktop companion app, but the files are synced. Therefore if I delete files from that folder to save space, it’ll also get deleted from the server.

I then stumbled upon the 2019 tech preview for the Virtual Drive, which could fit the need but I also saw some issues about the file being also stored on the computer.

What do you folks would do? IS there any solution available to me?

Now the companion app will sync his calendar too so that’s a plus, the sync folder could also be useful if he need to transfer files to his phone or whatnot so I still might leave it installed.

EDIT: RIP no the companion app only sync files, not calendar/contacts, and the guide to do so doesn’t work - so I guess I’ll need to look into this more sigh

Thanks mates!

Either use a non-free third-party app that can do the virtual drive (it probably still cache some data), or buy another disk. Or use directly webdav as storage (all over the network), without caching that can be slow (depending on the internet connection) and native support in Windows is not great.

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The owncloud client is already able to do that and should also work with Nextcloud, afaik:

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Thank you! So to confirm, I should use the ownCloud client instead of the Nextcloud tech preview one here?

Yes, the owncloud client will most likely work better than the Nextcloud tech preview.

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