How can I access my nextcloud server outside of my house?

Can someone explain me in details how can I access my nextcloud server outside of my house?? I have a MacOs

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You need e.g. port forwarding on your router for 80/443 to your Nextcloud. Also you need a DynDNS name and a Lets Encypt certificate. Search parts of my text in the internet.

Can u give me the text?? And for your knowledge I have the nextcloud folder in snap on Linux Ubuntu server

What he is saying is that you should look for the relevant keywords in his post, which are…

  • Port Forwarding
  • DynDNS
  • Let’s Encrypt

These topics are not Nextcloud specific and you should have a general understanding of how all this works before exposing your Nextcloud to the internet.

You appear to need a LOT of reading! You’ve provided virtually no information, and the only detail you have provided (your OS) tells us nothing. We simply can’t move forward from here, you need to understand more, we can’t guide your hands for you.

As a high-level explanation, you need to:

  • Ensure your ISP is not blocking ports 80 (http) or 443 (https). Contact them ask them to unblock those ports if they are
  • Get yourself a domain. Get one from anywhere if you have a static IP, or from somewhere that supports dynamic DNS if you have a dynamic IP (most people have a dynamic IP)
  • Look up Let’s Encrypt, it’s needed for a secure connection. They can provide the certificate that allows you to use https/TLS.
  • You NEED a secure connection when transmitting data over the internet. Don’t think “I’m not worth attacking”, because it’s not a person trying to attack you, instead there are thousands of bots that will steal your passwords and data, and inject malware.
  • Configure your domain’s DNS so it points to your home IP address. If you have a dynamic IP, you also need local software that checks what your IP at regular intervals and updates your IP address with your domain provider if it changes

I hope that gives you a rough overview, and something to search for and look up. I’m sorry, there’s simply too many variables to give you more accurate info, and you provided so little detail in your question! I mean, did didn’t know what was important to provide!

There are no shortcuts, you need to have an understanding of what you are doing. Read up a bit, and ask again when you can ask a more specific question to solve a specific issue. Your broad question contains dozens of smaller tasks that you need to complete.

there is probably one more pit you could fall into, some providers put you behind a carrier level NAT, this means you have no chance to be reachable from the internet at all. In such a case you need to pay a monthly extra fee to be accessible through either a dynamic or even better a fixed IP address (the fixed one enables you to get a real domain name except of dynamic DNS services.